THE SENEDD Member for North Wales is calling on residents to voice their concerns about the Welsh Government’s plans to introduce a blanket 20mph speed limit across Welsh towns and villages.

Following a meeting with residents from Buckley, Sam Rowlands MS is urging local residents to get in touch and share their concerns. A pilot of the Welsh Government’s plans has focused on Buckley.

He said: “I met with local Councillor Adie Drury and residents in Buckley this morning who are extremely frustrated at the pilot scheme which has led to roads through the town having a 20mph speed limit instead of 30mph.

“They are quite rightly very concerned as they believe that pollution is increasing because cars have to drive in a lower gear and wait longer at traffic lights, there have also been more accidents and the cost of the scheme is thought to be in the region of £33 million across Wales which would be better spent on more teachers, doctors and nurses.

“The trial has certainly caused a lot of problems for people living in Buckley and I am angry on their behalf as there does appear to be a lack of public awareness around these changes."

Last week, Public Health Wales endorsed the move - saying it will not only improve road safety but encourage more people to cycle - enhancing their physical and mental health. 

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The Welsh Government has said it is "learning" from the trial scheme. 

“That’s been one of the areas that we’ve been in discussions with Flintshire County Council about in relation to the Buckley trial," the Welsh Government said. 

"About whether we need to look at the exceptions criteria a little bit more and apply some additional local knowledge as we move forward with the national rollout.”

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Mr Rowlands said: “I do support letting councils put 20mph speed limits outside schools, hospitals and other areas where evidence shows it’s a benefit, but a blanket 20mph speed limit across urban roads in Wales is just not right.

“The Welsh Parliament is due to consider whether to reduce the default, urban speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on Tuesday, July 14 and I am now urging people across North Wales and beyond to get in touch with their local MSs and let them know their views.”

Flintshire was one of eight areas across Wales selected for a government trial which reduced speed limits from 30mph to 20mph on residential roads. As a result, all unclassified roads, 30mph within Buckley, Mynydd Isa, Bryn-y-Bal and New Brighton became 20mph zones.

Since its introduction in February there has been an outcry from local residents who collected thousands of signatures calling on the Welsh Government not to impose the 20mph speed limit.