A WREXHAM man has had his pet ownership right curbed after people were injured by his dog.

Gareth Hopson, of Cobden Road, appeared at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The 33-year-old had previously been convicted of being a person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control on December 10 last year, which caused injury to others.

He also admitted failing to comply with the community requirements of a suspended sentence order by missing a planned appointment.

Prosecutor Justin Espie told the court that at the time of the December incident, the defendant's white and brown Staffordshire bull terrier named Rocko was already subject to a contingent destruction order - and that order had been proceeded with prior to this week's hearing.

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On the day in question, Wrexham police were alerted to an incident on Chester Street involving Hopson's dog attacking another dog.

A number of members of the public received "superficial injuries" as they tried to intervene by attempting to prise Rocko's mouth open to allow the injured tog to be released.

Emma Simoes conceded the incident had been "very unpleasant," explaining her client had been "extremely saddened" by the outcome.

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She added: "Although it took some time for the dog to be released, he made efforts to separate that incident."

She added Hopson had "loved" Rocko and that he'd had the dog for five years.

"In recent years he has been blighted with alcohol and mental health issues," she added.

"The dog was his best friend."

Ms Simoes said her client wants to stop drinking and called on the court to allow him to continue his rehabilitative work in the community, describing his situation over recent years as a "revolving door."

Hopson's existing 24 week suspended sentence has been made more onerous, by the extension of its operational period to 24 months and the addition of a six month alcohol treatment requirement.

In respect of the dog incident, he was ordered to pay out compensation of £150 to Adam Irons and £359.45 to Beverley Ralph.

District Judge Gwyn Jones disqualified him from having custody of a dog for eight years.

He is not able to appeal that decision until a minimum of four years have passed.

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