WREXHAM Council is supporting a national campaign to help tackle the sale of illegal tobacco.

That is something which is said to have become a big problem in Wales and has led to the Welsh Government setting up the "No Ifs. No Butts" campaign.

The illegal sale of tobacco puts cigarettes in the hands of children, as well as harming public health, local businesses, and can contribute to serious organised crime.

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'No Ifs. No Butts' aims to encourage people to step forward and allow Trading Standards to do what they do best and remove illegal tobacco from our communities and away from our children, family, and friends.

Roger Mapleson, Trading Standards and Licensing Lead, said: “Smoking seriously damages health and illegal tobacco traders don’t think twice about selling to children.

“If you know someone dealing in this product please report it using the link below and help drive this trade out of Wrexham.”

What is illegal tobacco?

Illegal tobacco takes all shapes and forms and refers to illegal cigarettes and rolling tobacco pouches. The most common forms are:

  • Cheap genuine tobacco smuggled into the UK with no-duty paid (packages often display foreign languages and a lack of health warnings).
  • Counterfeits or fakes, which look like well-known brands but are made illegally.
  • ‘Cheap whites’, which are mass produced in one country and smuggled into another.
  • Cigarettes sold individually instead of in packets.

You can report anyone selling illegal tobacco online anonymously here.