The Leader team covers a wide range of cases at our are'a Crown and Magistrates Courts each week.

Here's a roundup of some of the cases we have covered this week, in case you missed any.



Flintshire members of 'formidable' drugs gang jailed

The Leader: Members of the group. Images: North Wales PoliceMembers of the group. Images: North Wales Police

Thirteen people were sentenced for their involvement in a large scale drugs operation.
A court heard the 26-year-old who ran the Flintshire based part of the scheme managed to continue doing so despite being put behind bars.
The gang received in excess of 100 years in jail collectively.
More details on day one of the sentencing can be found here.
Details on the second day of sentencing can be found here.

Wrexham 113 mph driver jailed after framing his brother

The Leader: Michael DaviesMichael Davies

This man was caught after being on the run from police for almost a year.
He'd given his brother's name and address when he was pulled over on the M5 in Devon and the police initially believed him.
More details on this story can be found here.

Street dealers sentenced after police raid Wrexham HMO

The Leader: Adam Rogers. Image: North Wales PoliceAdam Rogers. Image: North Wales Police

Police forced their way into the room of an ex-soldier at a Wrexham HMO - and before he could be arrested he attempted to inject himself with heroin.
The man, who was at the address with another street dealer at the time, had served in the Welsh Guards and had experienced trauma in combat, a court heard.
More information on this case can be found here.


Holiday plans cancelled for teenagers after 'drunken brawl' outside kebab shop

The Leader: The scene of the fight (Image: Google) and, inset, Mold CourtThe scene of the fight (Image: Google) and, inset, Mold Court

These defendants found themselves in the dock after a dispute with another group of young men escalated into a street brawl.
A court heard how the incident spilled out onto a main road and left one of the defendants with blood on his face.
More information about this story can be found here.


Man in "grave jeopardy" of going to jail over fraudulent medical documents

The Leader: Mold Crown CourtMold Crown Court
This man is to be sentenced next week after he admitted committing acts with intent to pervert the course of public justice.
A court heard the crime involved the submission of fraudulent medical certificates in Mold.
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