The UK is braced for the “hottest weekend of the year” as meteorologists announce the exact dates it will hit.

British Weather Services senior meteorologist Jim Dale said: "On the run into that weekend, we might see something that's a little bit warmer - maybe even very warm."

"So basically sunny, dry in the main universally and also very warm, increasingly so as you go through the course of the weekend

"And I don't just mean London that's going to be 27C - it might also be Edinburgh.”

He added: "So this could be the warmest weekend universally of the year to date. That's what it's looking like, with the caveat that we're still some distance away.

 “I think as we approach that weekend it might well ramp up."

Met Office forecast for Queen’s Jubilee weekend

The prediction comes amid reports the Queen’s Bank Holiday weekend could be the hottest of the year.

The Met Office predict the weekend will be “dry” and “sunny” but held back on predicting highs of 27C.

Looking ahead from June 1, the national weather service said: "Eastern areas are likely to be cloudier with a higher risk of showers and breezier at the start of this period, with drier weather and the best of the sunshine probably in the west.

“The east is also expected to see cooler than average temperatures over this period. Into the rest of next week, it will likely be mainly fine and dry, but occasional rain and showers, mainly in the east.

“Feeling warm in any sunshine. Towards the bank holiday weekend this pattern is likely to continue, with some dry weather and sunny spells."