The Met Office has issued its April weather forecast amid claims the UK could be set for a 28C heatwave next month.

With 2022 set to be one of the hottest years on record, reports last week suggested we could see highs of 28C in April.

However, Met Office meteorologists suggest such claims could be wide off the mark with rain more likely than scorching heatwaves.

Met Office issue update on ‘April heatwave’

In a forecast looking ahead to April 13, the Met Office said: "Conditions are likely to become more changeable during this period with spells of drier weather interspersed with showers or longer periods of rainfall.

“This rainfall will probably be highest in the west and northwestern areas with drier weather on average in the southeast."

It adds:  "Periods of strong winds are also likely, especially across the north. Temperatures most likely close to or slightly above average."

It comes after weather forecaster Jim Dale told the Express that the UK can expect hot weather to arrive “fairly early” this year.

He said he “wouldn’t be surprised to see 26C, 27C, 28C in the middle of April.”

Met Office predict ‘a fine few days’ this week

Despite the bad news, Brits can still expect warmer temperatures this week amid a “fine few days”.

Met Office meteorologist Richard Miles said: "We’re expecting a few fine days towards the end of the week, with temperatures around 15C and 16C over most of the UK.”