Wrexham Lager and Bootlegger have thanked Home Bargains as their Bootlegger 1974 Pilsner goes from strength to strength, ‘flying’ off the shelves.

Earlier this year in April, Home Bargains began to stock the Bootlegger 1974 Pilsner in 484 of its stores across England and Wales.

The lager has proven to be successful and is growing in popularity across the country, along with the traditional Wrexham Lager, which is available elsewhere.

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Joss Roberts, from Wrexham Lager, and Bootlegger, aka Karl Phillips, visited the Home Bargains store in Gwersyllt to see how the pilsner was doing and to thank the chain for stocking it.

They explained that it was down to the hard work that they had done that the lagers are doing so well and that a demand for the Bootlegger Pilsner in England was what drove the deal with Home Bargains.

Watch Bootleggerand Joss explain the success:

Bootlegger said: “Long may the success of the beer and the brewery continue. We thank home bargains for giving us this opportunity to get the product through England and Wales and hopefully with a bit of toing and froing we might be able to get it north of the border and over into Scotland because I know there’s a few up there that are despite to try it. It's one small step at a time.”

Joss explained: “We’ve been told it’s flying out the shops. Home Bargains are happy, we’re happy and hopefully, we can break into Scotland and Northern Ireland with them too.”

Karl added: “It’s a pleasure to be associated with the lads at the brewery they’re good friends of mine and the product is good so we’re not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.”

Melanie Jane Almond, the manager of Home Bargains in Dodds Lane, Gwesyllt, explained they had to get more of the lager from the Wrexham store due to the demand and a delivery being late.


She said: “(There are) massive sales; not just us, I think that the other stores are doing really well as well.

“There’s hundreds of bottles a day flying off the shelves, really good selling. We’ve had it on there for a couple of weeks since it came in and we can’t take it off, it just sells really well. People see it as soon as they come in and are filling their baskets full.”