Barnacles Fish and Chips

7 Mostyn Street

Llandudno LL30 2NL

Tel: 01492 875336

TO say the staff at Barnacles Fish & Chips in Llandudno were rushed of their feet on the day we called in is an understatement.

It was the weekend of both Llandudno's Victorian Extravaganza and Transport Festival - one of the busiest days of the year for the popular resort town.

Situated on Mostyn Street, Barnacles was at the centre of the hustle and bustle as thousands flocked to the events for the first time since the pandemic.

Finding a table at any eaterie was a challenge, but I had heard good things about Barnacles on Facebook and it was my destination of choice.

BARNACLES FISH AND CHIPS 7 Mostyn Street Llandudno LL30 2NL Tel: 01492 875336

BARNACLES FISH AND CHIPS 7 Mostyn Street Llandudno LL30 2NL Tel: 01492 875336

So, at the second time of asking, we found a table to seat myself, as well as my friends and their three hungry - and one hangry - children.

At first glance Barnacles is timelessly a traditional Llandudno fish and chip cafe.

But a quick look at the menu told a different story.

As well as the usual chip shop fare, there were separate gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan menus.

In a seaside chippy!

As my friends were vegetarians, considering becoming vegan, this was just perfect.

The kids, aged five to 13, are omnivores, however.

Chicken burger and nuggets at Barnacles.

Chicken burger and nuggets at Barnacles.

Chicken burger and chips (£8.95) and chicken nuggets and chips (£6.50) sorted the boys out.

Fishfinger and chips at Barnacles.

Fishfinger and chips at Barnacles.

The five-year-old chose a giant, battered fishfinger to go with her chips (£6.50), which made her day.

The hangry 13-year-old was finally sated with a plate of chips and a chocolate milkshake.

All the dishes were tasty, plentiful, and eagerly demolished.

I went for the haddock, chips and peas meal, which included a drink, for £11.95.

Haddock and chips at Barnacles.

Haddock and chips at Barnacles.

It reminded me that someone had recently said a chippy tea is no longer a cheap option, but in this case it was value for money.

Not as many chips as you'd get with a take away portion, but they were perfectly cooked - crispy on the outside and fluffy in the centre.

The fish, as you would hope for at a seaside venue, was fresh and tasty. The batter was light and crisp, with no annoying soggy bits, and the fish was perfectly flaky. The mushy peas were delicious.

And now to the vegetarians.

The special menus are where Barnacles has elevated itself above the competition - both in terms of mains and desserts. You can even order a vegan milkshake (£3.50).

My friends both had vegan hotdogs (£8.95), made with Beyond Meat sausages, a brand becoming more and more common in UK cafes and restaurants.

Lunchtime at Barnacles.

Lunchtime at Barnacles.

Accompanied by giant, crispy onion rings (£4.20), and chips, these dishes went to show that vegan fast food has come a long way.

They were both impressed by the range of meat and fish-free options, and said their dogs were very tasty.

Despite the aforementioned throng of people wanting chips, the service was also good and efficient. Things came as they were ready rather than all at once, chippy tapas if you will, which suited us.

Several staff members checked how things were during the meal.