Fat Boar On The Hill

Upper Clwyd Street


LL15 1HY

Tel: 01824 707736

Website: www.thefatboarruthin.co.uk

The Fat Boar in both Wrexham and Mold has become a popular go-to bar in its respective towns, so there was much excitement when it was announced a third would be opening in Ruthin.

Tucked away off the main square, blink and you could miss it - just like we did! But once you've spotted it with its slick exterior, it looks so charming and inviting, typical of the many independent businesses in this picturesque town.

Indeed, Ruthin has recently been named one of the best places to live in Wales, and it's easy to see why.

You're welcomed with good old rustic charm as soon as you enter the Fat Boar. Straight away I knew this bar was right up my street! We sat at our bench seats and were quite taken by the character and ambience of the place.

The 'should I, shouldn't I have a starter' conversation followed - and it was an easy resounding yes. I could have eaten all six on offer, with sticky sausages and garlic mayo as well as squid amongst the options, but both my friend and I opted for the steamed bao buns with hoisin glazed duck and seasme seeds (£7 each) - delicious! My friend said they have always been a hit for her at the Fat Boar, Mold, and that continued in Ruthin!

The Leader: Steamed bao buns with hoisin glazed duck and seasme seedsSteamed bao buns with hoisin glazed duck and seasme seeds

Now for the main event, and the choice was equally as difficult as the starter. A lovely menu with choices ranging from slow-braised feather blade to katsu curry and tagine, and that's before getting to the grill section with the various steak and burger options on offer.

Now whenever I go somewhere for a meal, I try to be a bit adventurous and go for things I wouldn't normally cook at home myself. Cue the seafood bouillabaisse, with mussels, salmon and king prawns in a tomato and red pepper reduction (£16). This was served with skinny fries and Henllan bread wedge.

Maybe I should learn to cook this myself at home, because I would very happily eat this again any day of the week, (although who am I kidding - I would never be able to make it as good as this). Talk about taking your typical fish and chips to another level!

The Leader: Seafood bouillabaisseSeafood bouillabaisse

My friend opted for the ricotta and spinach cannelloni which came with garlic ciabatta wedges and dressed seasonal salad (£13). In her words, it was a bowl of delicious cheesy comfort food, plenty of it, and she definitely didn't need the side order of skinny fries! (£4)

The Leader: Ricotta and spinach cannelloni Ricotta and spinach cannelloni

I thoroughly enjoyed both of my courses and, feeling pleasantly full, I reluctantly decided to bow out when it came to deserts. Although, that didn't stop me from having a little taste of my friend's excellent choice - strawberry and lime cheesecake, which was served with vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce and strawberries (£6.50). 

Had I had room, I would have opted for the raspberry and lemon brulee tart, but the Belgian waffle with butterscotch and chocolate sauce and honeycomb ice cream was equally, mouthwateringly tempting.

Wine, coffee, and ginger beer for the designated driver later, we left delighted with our choice of venue.

So Fat Boar - will there be a venue number four?