It's a rite of passage for many young girls, joining their local branch of Brownies or Guides.

For some it often provided their first trips away from home and introduced many to camping.

At the heart of it all there is a real sense of community and friendship in the global institution.

Did you know Princess Margaret was the first royal Brownie, joining in 1937?

Earning various badges became a real goal, with these covering traditional things such as sewing (handy for those newly acquired badges) and cooking, as well as more creative and adventurous topics.

Here to lend a hand: Brownies and Guides of Flintshire

These institutions have changed since their creation in 1914, to reflect the times, and still prove immensely popular, but what hasn't changed is the focus on fun.

Today we take a look at just some moments from the Guides and Brownies of Wrexham from years gone by. Are you pictured?

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