When I moved in to where I now call home, I came across a box of old boardgames (Tri-Onimos anyone?) but in with these pastime favourites was a very special book, my original Brownie Guide Handbook.

It has part of the cover missing where my old dog Dusty had enjoyed a taste, and it instantly took me back to better days.

There was something special about being a Brownie or Girl Guide for any young woman who was lucky enough to join.

From the wonderful mythical names of each group within a unit, I was in Ghillie Dhu, to earning those fabric badges, you felt a part of something.

We learned semaphore (not sure why but we loved it), made lasting friendships and everything was an adventure.

These institutions have changed to reflect the times of course, and still prove immensely popular, but what hasn't changed is the focus on fun.

Today we take a look at just some moments from the Guides and Brownies of Flintshire from years gone by. Are you pictured?

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