Levant Kitchen and Bar
Chester Street
Tel: 01978 291111
Website: levantwrexham.co.uk

After hearing countless people rave about Levant in Wrexham town centre, I had to give it a try.

Levant Kitchen & Bar is somewhere you can walk past without ever knowing it was there, as it is situated upstairs on Chester Street and doesn’t look like a restaurant from the outside.

However, looks can be deceiving and once you’re inside you can instantly guess you will have a long list of cocktails waiting for you at your table! I, unfortunately, did not get to sample any, as I was driving.

My friend Catrin met me there as an after-work treat. It was not very busy when we arrived but soon after, people arrived that filled a long table.

The room is designed with tables down the middle in rows, so they are used to big groups.

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There are also booths along the walls on either side with a big window directly opposite the bar with quirky green themes making the area feel tropical. We were situated on a table for four just to the right of the bar.

We took a look at the menu and were intrigued with one part of it that was divided into East vs West. We decided we would choose something from either side; me from the West and Catrin for the East.

Armed with a pint of diet coke each to wash it down, I had the 8oz chicken breast with wine sauce (£14) and Catrin ordered the chicken shish hanging kebab (£14.90) which came with a side of pitta bread. Both our orders came with hand cut skin-on chips.

The Leader: The 8oz chicken breast with white wine sauceThe 8oz chicken breast with white wine sauce

The hanging kebab in particular looked spectacular and was taller than we anticipated, though as Catrin soon discovered, was also difficult to eat neatly.

Though you could argue that if you go to a restaurant to eat with a knife and fork, perhaps you shouldn’t order anything ‘hanging’.

The Leader: The chicken shish hanging kababThe chicken shish hanging kabab

No matter though, her plate was cleared and left as shiny as mine was. My white wine sauce was creamy but light and complimented the chicken (and chips) though I did leave my tomatoes (I don’t like them).

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We couldn’t help but order desserts (all £5.95), despite how full we were. I had the Baileys crème brulee and Catrin the warm chocolate fondant, which she was so excited for that we almost didn’t catch a photo.

As lovely as my crème brulee was, I couldn’t taste much Bailey’s, which is a shame because otherwise, it was tasty. Catrin’s fondant was huge and regrettably, she failed to finish it.

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The Leader: Our desserts. In front is the creme brulee and behind is the chocolate fondant.Our desserts. In front is the creme brulee and behind is the chocolate fondant.

Overall, Levant was impressive and possibly even a hidden gem amongst Wrexham restaurants. It’s the sort of place that you can spend all evening in, firstly for food and after for the drinks.

Maybe one day Catrin and I will return to do so.