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I recently covered a story about Llanberis café Pete’s Eats being put up for sale, yet when investigating further I found out about a remarkable (and daunting) challenge that the café sets its customers.

The challenge is named the Big Jim, and is advertised as four full breakfasts, stemming from miscommunication between mountaineer Philip ‘Jimmy’ Jewel and staff, where Jimmy had asked for a full breakfast, but due to his strong Birmingham accent, staff misinterpreted it as four breakfasts.

Jimmy didn’t mind, however, and polishing off all four meals and creating a tradition that remains to this day.

This, coupled with the unusual pints of tea the café serve, made me want to try it out for myself.

As I was going to be filming a Facebook Live video with my Big Jim, I had arranged to meet owner Toby Harris at the café at 11am.

Arriving in Llanberis, you are surrounded by mountains and hills, with the village sat at the bottom of Snowdon and the southern banks of Llyn Padarn.

The mist that shrouded the area on the day only added to my intrigue.

Knowing the task that awaited me, I starved myself all morning as I made my way to the Gwynedd village.

Pete’s Eats is incredibly hard to miss, with its vibrant blue, orange and yellow colours helping it stand out.

The Leader: The interior of the cafe, with the main seating rooms through the two doorways pictured.The interior of the cafe, with the main seating rooms through the two doorways pictured.

Upon entry, I looked for a place to sit, with a table in the immediate reception area, and two large rooms for seating. Not a single spot – a very good sign.

Thankfully, a gentleman already sat down by the counter kindly offered to share the other half of his table.

The café was filled with people in outdoors gear, with fleeces, big backpacks and walking boots the norm – I felt pretty out of place in my shirt, jeans and smart shoes.

I sat directly facing the counter, with 1960s-esque cabinets, art prints and plants adorning the walls.

There was no need for a menu – I knew exactly why I was there (I later found out that the Big Jim isn’t even on the menu!).

The Big Jim costs £16.50, and only a pint of tea (£2.30) could compliment a meal so large.

Soon, the meal arrived, and I must say I had no idea where to begin – an eclectic mix of sausage, bacon, potato fritters, chips, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and liver in a rich sauce would catch even the sharpest minds by surprise.

Although advertised as a quadruple breakfast, as you can see, its ingredients made it feel more like a mixed grill, with the absence of full breakfast staples such as hash browns, beans and eggs.

The Leader: The Big Jim and a pint of tea.The Big Jim and a pint of tea.

I tackled the meal, starting with the starchy chips and fritters, which went well with the sausage and bacon.

The portion of liver was huge, easily taking up a third of the plate, and presented the most difficulty.

Even the most ardent liver lover (which I am not – I can have it but never choose to) would have raised an eyebrow at the quantity.

Eventually, I admitted defeat to the Big Jim, leaving some of the liver and mushrooms (my surrender wasn’t helped by the knowledge this had been completed by ‘hundreds’ of people before me).

The staff were all very friendly and helpful, and the pint of tea went down amazingly – I will advocate for this to be sold everywhere.

With the place up for sale, it would be a terrible shame if the café changed, or left completely.

Pete’s Eats has a great atmosphere, a funky interior, and a range of food choices.

But before you try it out, a top tip – go on an empty stomach.