A NUMBER of drivers were found to be speeding during routine checks in a 20mph zone in Wrexham.

North Wales Police say speed checks were conducted following concern from residents in the Cefn Mawr area.

Officers were at Hill Street and Queen Street in that area on Sunday, March 20 to carry out checks.

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As a result of these checks, carried out over a period of just half an hour, 7 vehicles were found to be travelling over 24mph and the highest speed recorded was 28mph.

Police say a total of 46 vehicles were monitored during the speed checks.

A statement from NWP read: "Following on from concerns from local residents, road side speed checks were performed on Sunday March 20 along Hill Street / Queen Street, Cefn Mawr.

"46 vehicles were checked between the times of 10:37hrs – 11:10hrs, we recorded the following:

"7 vehicles were travelling at 24mph +. Highest speed recorded was 28mph. This stretch of road is a 20mph zone, please take your time and slow down."