MOTORISTS have been warned to watch their speed in rural Wrexham after checks were carried out by police.

PCSO Dean Sawyer informed residents on Monday that he completed speed monitoring on the A539 by Lightwood Green between Overton and Penley.

At that location, 52 vehicles were checked and six were recorded speeding.

The Leader: A539 between Overton and Penley. Image: GoogleA539 between Overton and Penley. Image: Google

He also carried out speed monitoring on the B5069 by the Racecourse in Bangor on Dee.  

At that spot, 31 vehicles were checked and four were recorded speeding.

He said in the case of both areas: "Go Safe now aware of the location and will be attending the area in the near future. Please watch your speed."

The Leader: B5069 by the Racecourse in Bangor on DeeB5069 by the Racecourse in Bangor on Dee

PCSO Sawyer also issued a call to motorists over litter, which he said has "become a major issue" in the Overton and Penley areas, especially on the country roads.

He said: "The local neighbourhood Policing team are asking for people not to discard rubbish out of vehicle windows whilst driving and please do not leave litter behind in layby's, farm gates etc. 

"Don't get yourself a ticket for littering or possibly being reported for road traffic offences.

"Any littering issues are to be reported to Wrexham County Borough Council."

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