A Grand Week in Wales is now over and once again saw engagement from across the country.

The Flintshire-based organisation Nanny Biscuit set challenges to hit the number 1,000 in connection with Wales' 1,000-mile circumference.

Sponsored by Wates, events included beach clearings and standard litter picking with groups around Wales getting involved.

There were over 1,700 Welsh cakes made around Wales, and over 1,200 acts of kindness registered. Over 1,200 meals were cooked and delivered to the homeless and vulnerable.

Yellow and Blue in Wrexham did a 1,000 minutes Pianothon. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Mynydd Isa made curry. Adferiad had carers or people that have severe mental health issues take part in crafts, and plastic pledges were made in North Wales.

CAFgas CIC delivered letters, chocolates and flowers to care homes around Wales as part of the acts of kindness challenge. Busy Bees in Ewloe, were delivering letters to care homes and care parcels and drawing daffodils. The Marine Conservation Society also got involved.

One lady even managed 1,000 jump burpees in three hours.

The events also saw surprising benefits, with a community of elderly residents connecting with Cardiff school children.

 James Hunt, founder of Nanny Biscuit and CAFgas CIC explained: “We had a school do a litter pick down in Cardiff. That school also received letters from elderly people, who a company called Liberty Care look after based in Mold. They gave generational advice. When the school put the pictures up and it got back to Liberty Care, they were all crying bless them, just to see that their letters had cheered the youth.”

The event was organised in just six weeks and raises money for the Green Paw Project, CAFgas CIC, Fare Share, Marie Curie, Adferiad Recovery, YAB Wrexham, and Blood Bikes Wales.

James said that not all the challenges were completed, however.

He explained: “We didn’t get all of them done, and that’s why they’re challenges. We don’t want to make it easy.”

They plan to make it bigger and better next year but need help to do so.

James said: “What we’re looking for now are for community organisations, sports groups, and schools that would be involved and help develop it and grow it year upon year to get in touch. They can email James@cafgas.co.uk.”

He added: “A massive thank you to all the charities that partners with us and look forward to growing this year upon year and helping the communities across Wales come together and help support people around Wales who need it the most.”

For more information on the event, visit https://nannybiscuit.org/grand-week-in-wales/

Nanny Biscuit is now fundraising for a Deeside mother who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. If you would like to donate, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/helping-a-mother-with-cancer-create-memories