RESIDENTS described the moment “steaming” hot water cascaded through a Flint tower block following a leak over the weekend.

The Leader reported recently how several flats in Bolingbroke Heights had to be evacuated after a ruptured pipe caused flooding at about 3am on Sunday.

Firefighters were called to the scene after reports that water was pouring down through the building from a water tank on the roof.

Resident Frank Jones, 69, said the communal hallway outside his flat looked “like the Titanic”.

“It was everywhere,” he said.

The Leader:

Robert Renshaw in his flat, which has been damaged by water

“I’ve lived here for about eight years, and this is the fourth time something like this has happened.

“I just thought ‘here we go again’.

“I’m fed up with it - my carpets soak it up like a sponge.”

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Robert Renshaw, 46, said he found the situation to be very disorientating.

He explained: “I woke up with hot water dripping in my ear.

“I am deaf and epileptic, and it was pitch black because the lights were out.

“I got my phone torch on and when I saw the water I went round my neighbours’ flats turning their electric off and telling them there had been a flood.

“Because the water was so hot - it was steaming - I thought there must have been a fire above.

The Leader:

Water damage on Robert Renshaw's ceiling

“In the hall there was about two inches of water and it was going everywhere.

“The water running down the stairs was like a scene from Jumanji - it was horrible.”

Mr Renshaw said the incident had come at a particularly difficult time of year, as his father Kenneth died three years ago this month.

He said incidents such as the floods, coupled with concerns over ongoing antisocial behaviour issues and drug taking around the ground floor of the building, made residents feel unsafe and he called for more to be done to address them.

Since the weekend incident, residents said the building’s lifts have been unusable.

Mr Renshaw explained this has left older and more vulnerable residents stranded in their flats because of the long and tiring climb back up the stairs - 17 flights for those living at the top.

So he has been playing his part in making their lives a little easier while the repairs are underway, by taking shopping orders and making sure those who need it have their food and milk. as well as their electric topped up.

This includes Mr Renshaw’s 69-year-old mother Lillian, who also lives in Bolingbroke Heights.

She told the Leader: “The flood’s effect on me was minor, but the lifts are a problem.

“I could go down the stairs, but I could not get back up.

“Robert has been taking orders from his neighbours and from other people in the flats and he’s been round delivering. I’m very proud of him.

“I’m hoping something good comes out of this. The neighbours pulling together and being there for each other has made a big difference.”

Mr Renshaw’s neighbour Lynne Renshaw, 65, said: “The council have been brilliant, they have been quite a few times making sure we’re alright.”

“We can use our sockets now, but we have to wait for the lighting to be checked for safety.”

Flintshire Council leader Ian Roberts said the authority was aiming to get at least one of the lifts working by last night (Monday).

He said: “The lift shaft acted as a way out for the water yesterday which was fortunate in one way, but unfortunate in that it has damaged the lift and it wasn’t possible to get it working at all.

“Council officers were on site from about 2.30am and they have remained on site since then.

“All flats have been knocked again today.

“This was a very unfortunate incident and I have apologised to residents – the last thing anyone wanted was for this to occur but we are working as best we can to restore the services, and the paramount need for the lift to be restored.”

Speaking of the anti-social behaviour issues, he added: “This has been an ongoing issue for some time. The council and North Wales Police are aware of it and we are looking for solutions to resolve the issues there.”

North Wales Police has encouraged any residents who have concerns over anti-social behaviour to report them by calling 101 in order for appropriate action to be taken.

Flintshire North Inspector Gareth Cust told the Leader his officers continue to monitor the area and will respond to reports if received.