A NUMBER of people have had to be evacuated from their homes after a ruptured pipe caused flooding at a block of flats in Flint.

The incident happened at around 3am on Sunday morning, when firefighters were called to Bolingbroke Heights, following reports of water cascading down through the building from the water tank situated on the roof.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service confirmed firefighters attending an unrelated incident at nearby Richard Heights, where quickly diverted to the scene of the flood at 3.11am and although one appliance from Deeside remained at the scene for several hours, it had left by Sunday afternoon.

Paul Scott from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: "As we were nearby we were able to divert resources to the incident at Bolingbroke Heights and quickly locate the source of the water ingress to stop further water escaping.

"The water has affected a number of flats throughout the building and we have been working closely with Flintshire County Council officers and staff from Scottish Power to ensure residents are looked after.

"Unfortunately, the water has affected the building’s main fire alarm system therefore we have been maintaining a presence on site to ensure the safety of the residents.

"Collaborative multi agency work is in hand to reinstate the alarm system and to ensure that the residents are protected in the event of a fire.”

Flintshire Council leader Ian Roberts said the local authority would be doing all it can to help those that had been affected and that he hoped after a big clean up on Monday, residents would be able to return to their properties as soon as possible.

He said: "A connection to the main header tank failed in the early hours of the morning releasing water throughout the building.

"Officers were called and have been out since about two o’clock this morning and are still on site now. Some residents flats are quite badly damaged with water penetration.

"Unfortunately, as a consequence the power failed but that’s now been restored. Officers are there to mend the connection to the water tank and the biggest problem we’ve got at the moment is the lift doors won’t open because the lift system has reacted in exactly the same way as it would for a fire.

"Anyone who needs accommodation sorting out, homeless officers are coming around assessing what damage there is. If there are flats where beds are wet and so on then we will provide temporary accommodation. Tomorrow a big clean up and assessment will take place to ensure that they’re back in their flats.

For some it will be an easy job but for others it’s going to be a longer job. As leader of the council, I’ve given my assurance to residents that we will return their lives to normal as soon as possible. In the meantime, I would like to thank the fire brigade and officers who have been in attendance since this morning.”