HE’S no longer the new kid on the block - but the desire to impress remains as great as ever for Luke Young.

This time 12 months ago the midfielder and his nearest and dearest had made the move from Devon to Wrexham on a two-year deal.

There were no first day nerves for Young when he returned for pre-season on Monday, but he’s as hungry to succeed as he was this time last year.

“It makes it easier when you are settled,” said Young. “When you come in you have that drive to impress because it’s a new start at a new club.

“I’m not saying I don’t have that drive this year because it’s no different, if not greater.

“I’ve proved to myself and everyone else that you will move away from home and you can adapt to a new club and new surroundings, and now I’m settled in it’s time to knuckle down and work hard.”

The security of knowing that he had another 12 months left on his current Wrexham deal also meant a summer of relaxation when compared with last year.

“It was nice to have that bit of security and not have to worry about being on the phone all of the time trying to find out if anybody wants you,” he continued.

“I knew I was secure for a year and it was good to enjoy the summer with the family and my little one.

“You don’t get much time off during the season in bulk so it was good to have some time off, but my partner was ready for me to come back after a month!”.

It’s taken for granted that the life of a footballer involves moving around the country, sometimes hundreds of miles from home.

Young did just that when agreeing to become Sam Ricketts’ first signing as Wrexham manager, the 26-year-old delighted the decision paid off.

“It was a big thing for me to make that move last year,” he explained. “Being a local boy playing for Plymouth and Torquay, it was a big step to move away from home and out of my comfort zone, but I knew I had to do it.

“What a time to do it. Moving to a club as big as Wrexham is not a bad way to start.

“It’s always difficult to move away from home because of all of your friends and family, but I’ve got my partner, little boy and another one on the way, so I’ve got my family with me.

“I know they will support me through thick and thin and I want to do it for them, make them proud and try to provide the best life I can for them.”

And how would Young rate his first season in the red of Wrexham?

He said: “I’d rate it pretty good. I was happy with how the season went for me personally.

“The season before I’d been relegated with Torquay, so anything better than that from my point of view was a bonus, but to get into the play-offs is what you dream of as a player.

“You want to play in the biggest games possible and we were fortunate to get into the play-offs, but unfortunately we couldn’t carry it on to the final.

“Hopefully it’s a stepping stone to kick us on.”