BRYAN HUGHES has placed the emphasis on "quality rather than quantity" and wants to go into the 2019-20 season with a 22-man squad.

Wrexham were beaten 1-0 in the play-off eliminator against Eastleigh on May 2 and will embark on a 12th campaign in non-league.

Hoping to mount another promotion challenge, Hughes has released Kevin Roberts, Chris Holroyd, Nicky Deverdics, Luke Simpson and Kemy Agustien to make room for new signings.

Christian Dibble, Manny Smith, Shaun Pearson, Jake Lawlor, Luke Young, Akil Wright, Mike Fondop, Jason Oswell and Bobby Grant, who has exercised an option to remain at The Racecourse, were already under contract for next season.

They have been joined by Paul Rutherford and Doug Tharme, who have signed new deals, while youngsters Matty Sargent and Jack Thorn will join the senior ranks after penning their first professional contracts.

Hughes hopes Rob Lainton, James Jennings, Mark Carrington, Luke Summerfield and Kieran Kennedy will agree to stay and targets he would like to sign have been identified.

"The two young boys have come up so I class them as part of the first team," said Hughes.

"I am looking at about 20, maybe 22 with Matty and Jack, just so we have got enough there to cover. I am looking for quality rather than quantity.

"There are things going on behind the scenes. I am trying my best to get people in who will make a difference to our squad, and keep us progressing.

"Obviously I have identified players who I want to bring in and who will make a difference. I want to get them over the line but other people are interested.

"First and foremost I am trying to get players offered contracts over the line and it is great that a few more have signed up for next season.

"Once I know who I have got from the current squad, then I can start working on the areas we need to fill in."

Hughes, who has invited Leo Smith back for pre-season training, has not ruled out allowing players to go out on loan to free up funds for more new signings.

"There is always an opportunity where I can potentially let a couple of players go out on loan if need be to offset costs if I still want to bring them quality players in that I am after," said Hughes.

"It is going to be a bit of wheeling and dealing over the next few weeks just to see what is available.

"This is our 12th season in the division and we need personnel who are going to make a difference.

"Characters and leaders, players who are hungry. It has not quite happened for them at certain clubs but they want to show they are good players."