CHESTER FC has confirmed the club will adopt a hybrid model for the coming season after lengthy discussions between board and management.

The decision on whether or not the Blues would stay full-time, go part-time or adopt a hybrid between the two has been the cause of some debate since the club was relegated from the National League with budget constraints meaning this season saw managers Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley adopt a part time structure.

Preparations for next season have been underway for some time, one element in particular being the model of training the club will adopt later this year with the hybrid model increasing the number of contact hours in training by adding two additional training sessions a week.

City Fans United director, Andrew Morris, said: “Player development is absolute key for this club to move forward either through a pathway from the successful Academy set up or through those players signed into a first team environment.

"Through increasing the contact hours in training we will support this development and maximise potential and success at first team level. “This move has only been possible through excellent work of the commercial working group and volunteers at the Club maximising revenue and sponsorship as well as the continued support of Stuart Murphy, which is separate to his continued commitment for infrastructure development. Chester Football Club and wider supporter base remain grateful.

“This in turn has allowed a modest increase in playing budget to reflect the change in model whilst not jeopardising the long-term financial security of the club and remaining sustainable.

“It is however integral that the community and wider fan base continue to support the Club by continuing to purchase season tickets and attend games once the 2019/20 season begins.

“As a Club this week we have launched a competitive season ticket deal to attract fans for what promises to be an exciting season.”