CARL FORSTER has issued a rallying call to supporters during a tough time for the North Wales Crusaders.

Last week, the club launched its #BackTheCru appeal, which is aiming to raise £10,000 to ensure Crusaders remains a sustainable enterprise and carries the ability to attract potential investment going forward.

Prior to Sunday’s 30-10 loss to Keighley Cougars, Forster told the club’s website: “The bigger picture is the future of the club, not necessarily this fixture.

“The club have experienced some great times before I was coach at North Wales. Obviously it’s been good times since I’ve been here as well with last season’s play-off run, the fans are always behind us and their support means the world.

“We just want the support, we want the club to be successful.

“It’s not about this week, it’s about this season, next season and building for the future to ensure we always have a strong and competitive North Wales Crusaders.

“Its a really important cog in the club, without fans there is no club.

“Times are hard, the financial side of life is tough and our club has fallen to that, but I urge fans to donate however little or big as it will go a long way towards the future of this fantastic club.”