CARL FORSTER will be seeking clarification for poor refereeing decisions which he says have cost North Wales Crusaders victories in their last two matches.

The head coach was unhappy with a number of decisions in the 37-36 loss to Rochdale Hornets and he was hugely unhappy with the award of two Hunslet tries in last week’s 22-14 reverse at Hunslet.

Forster, who is already planning for the next match against Keighley Cougars in a fortnight, told CruCast: “I never want to complain about refs, because I always think from a losing coach, it sounds that’s your excuse and it’s far from it.

“I actually took the Rochdale defeat quite well, because I knew we were so bad.

“But... Sunday, I thought we weren’t bad. We played a good game and we got done by two absolutely huge decisions that, in effect, swing the game.”

Crusaders felt there was a forward pass during the build-up to Matty Beharrell’s first half score, while Mackenzie Scurr’s critical score in the last couple of minutes should have been chalked-off for a knock-on.

“People say it levels out. The big decisions don’t,” stressed Forster.

“I appreciate, I do, you always look at the penalty count at the end of the game and it’s always pretty even. I think referees do level it out during the game when the game’s kind of gone, but big decisions like that, I genuinely believe we should be four points better off on the league table and that takes us from sixth to third.

“So, where we get them four points back, us as players and coaching staff we’ll have to find a way about that.”

Keighley Cougars and Oldham will be looking to make the most of home comforts on Sunday to maintain their 100 per cent winning starts to the League One campaign.

Leaders Keighley take on Hunslet and Oldham tackle Newcastle Thunder.

Cornwall pay a visit to Rochdale Hornets and Workington Town play host to Midlands Hurricanes.