RHIAN WILKINSON is hoping her dream of a packed-out Racecourse becomes a reality tomorrow evening.

New manager Wilkinson is at the helm for the first time as Wales begin their Women’s European Championship campaign with a home match against Croatia at the STōK Cae Ras.

Wilkinson told the Cymru X site: “I’ve been saying it, especially for our two North Walians.

“I think I can picture this stadium being filled up and just hearing that roar.

“This is going to be a tough journey for us for qualification, but history being made is right around the corner and I hope as many people come out as possible to cheer on their team.”

Record attendances for a women’s international were set in Cardiff during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifying campaign, culminating in over 15,000 fans watching the play-off semi-final victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2022.

A packed-out STōK Cae Ras would see more than 12,000 fans in attendance.

Wilkinson, who is keen to take her team around the country, said: “We’ve got to get people to these games so that they see our women and our women feel their support outside of Cardiff.

“So I’m really looking forward to hearing that kind of energy and noise in somewhere other than Cardiff as well. The FAW prides itself on being a family.”