CLIVE TYLDESLEY has urged Wrexham supporters to enjoy the ride and not look too far ahead after experiencing the first success under Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Phil Parkinson’s side have returned to the Football League and are backed to continue climbing the divisions under their Hollywood owners, with Wrexham favourites for the League Two title this season.m

Luton Town have shown it is possible to make the jump from non-league to the Premier League but television broadcaster Tyldesley says fans should enjoy the moment and not get carried away.

“It is exciting for Wrexham,” said the 68-year-old, who first covered a Wrexham game in the 1976/77 season.

“I think if anybody ever says, ‘Premier League in six years’, somebody ought to turn around and say ‘just sit down, we’ll take it one step at a time. Do you know where we’ve been’.

“The people in charge of Salford City are good people, I know them very well, and it’s not that easy.

“How ever much financial muscle you have, how ever much publicity comes your way and how ever many documentaries are made, it doesn’t actually earn you three points.

“Football fans are impatient by nature and if I could give any advice, it would be to enjoy the moment because the only certainty is Wrexham’s next defeat is not that far away.

“It may not be a damaging defeat and it may be the only one Wrexham suffer next season, but football clubs get beaten; Manchester City are going to get beaten sooner or later because that’s the nature of football.

“You just can’t keep winning games and winning trophies all the time.”

Wrexham were pushed all the way for the one automatic promotion spot by Notts County.

It was a thrilling title-race and the Reds finished top with a best-ever 111 points haul, and Tyldesley praised the players for handling the high expectations and pressure now that the club is in the limelight.

“It has been more difficult for Wrexham because of the attention and the expectation,” he said.

“Those expectations were massive for Wrexham last season and they have clearly been pushed every inch of the way by another exceptional team.

“It has been a wonderful title to see out and win in the manner they have because just one bad result somewhere along the line where you have got a good result, and you would have been gearing up for the play-offs.”

Although Tyldesley is erring on the side of caution when it comes to how far Wrexham can go, he has welcomed the way Reynolds and McElhenney have put the club back on the footballing map since the actors completed their high profile takeover at The Racecourse in February 2021.

The Reds’ popularity has soared all over the world and the commentator is especially happy for the fans who stuck by the club during troubled times.

“I think the good news for Wrexham fans is that Rob and Ryan seem to get it,” he added. “They get what this club means to the community and to the city as it is now.

“I think they will be good stewards of that relationship.

“If Will Ferrell turns up then great, but people like that are not the important visitors to The Racecourse.

“It’s the people who were coming in when the average attendances dropped to whatever it was. They are the people you need the connection with, they are the people that matter most, and I think the new owners get that.

“If you travel abroad and mention Wrexham, I can bet a bottom dollar that people will say ‘I know the club’.

“Even 20 years ago they would have know the name but they certainly know it now!”