BEN FOSTER trusted his instincts and the Wrexham goalkeeper made no apologies for going against his principles by celebrating his penalty save.

The Reds were leading 3-2 when title rivals Notts County were awarded a stoppage time penalty in Monday’s massive showdown at The Racecourse.

Cedwyn Scott was on spot-kick duties and the Magpies substitute’s penalty was saved by Foster who guessed the right way, securing his side a vital victory which keeps Wrexham in pole position for the National League title.

“As a goalkeeper you can’t really lose,” said Foster.

“There’s a huge amount of pressure on the person taking the penalty and he probably gave away where he was going to put it a little bit.

“He put the ball down at a certain angle and his run-up was a little bit closed off so there was only really two places he could put it; down the middle or my side that I am going.

“To open his hips up and put it the other side, in the 95th minute you are not doing that. There is too much pressure attached to it.

“I thought I am going to my right hand side, I went with my intuition and thankfully I got my hand on it and my top hand came over and pushed it away as well.

“That adrenalin, that moment, I have got goosebumps now. That is as good as it will get.”

Foster came out of retirement in March to return to The Racecourse 18 years after he last played for the club and says his last-gasp stop was among the biggest moments of his career .

It showed with his reaction but the former England international, who counts Manchester United among his former clubs, said: “I have never celebrated a save before.

“I hate celebrating a save and I’ve called out goalies for celebrating saves - it is a bit of a douchebag thing to do - but I couldn’t help myself because you could see what it meant to the lads, and I know how much it meant to the Wrexham fans.

“I am 40 years old and I personally think that penalty save moment, and what it meant to everybody, is about as good a feeling you will ever get in football.

“I’ve played over 500 games and probably had two of those moments in my whole career.

“If you could bottle that moment you would make some money.

“Thar was as good as it gets.”