WREXHAM have gone top of the table with one match to go - Stockport host Torquay tonight in their game in hand - but how do you see the final day of the season unravelling and will you be at Dagenham?

TIM RYAN: "Stockport didn't like chasing the game and failed last Sunday, So they will start guns blazing. Dagenham want a play off place, knowing Chesterfield's form is below par. Wrexham should control the game to win. Halifax need the first goal then HELLO...."

GWYN ROBERTS: "I think it's a little too late. Genuinely can't see Stockport getting less than 4 points, but could be a fun day when it lasts. Regardless what happens this year, I'd bet my house we get promoted next season regardless of the division we are in."

STEVE DAVIES: "My bet is Stockport will win it by 1 point. We'll win our last match comfortably so it'll be on Stockport to make their game in hand count. I think they'll draw their next game and win their last one. Cant see them losing both. If Stockport DO drop 3 points we'll take it on goal difference."

DAVID JACKSON: "Wrexham will win 3-0 on Sunday and in my view Stockport will draw one and win one of their remaining fixtures sending us to the playoffs which we will win. So proud of the club this year and I will be at D&R with my brother as usual."

WREX-PAT IN USA: "I like that D&R have something to play for. Last season the pressure was all on us down there to get a result. They have to win which I think will work in our favour. I really hope Torquay do is a favour on Wed night, then it’s in our hands."

JACK HOWELL: "We've done everything we can, from supporters to players to ground staff to volunteers, everyone has given their all this season, que sera sera."

WERCE: "Stockport to draw both their last two games and Wrexham to have a late winner with Young getting a pile driver in added time."󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

JAY&BEX: "I’ve purchased a ticket even though I’m going on a camping holiday and the Mrs is yet to know I’m taking a Detour for this on Sunday. “I’ll be back in the tent by midnight”. However I think the sun will shine on the lads and Wrexham this weekend, 1-0 win for the town and we go up."

ANTHONY DAVIES: "Stockport beat Torquay 1-0. Halifax beat Stockport 1-0 and Wrexham beat Dagenham 3-1. Job Done. I will also be in Dagenham roaring us on to the title."

MARTIN: "All depends on Torquay, they have nothing to play for. And Halifax might rest players on Sunday knowing they are in the playoffs. Interesting."

PAUL A DAVIES: "My prediction … Stockport to draw both games and Dibble to score injury time header from a Tozer throw - now that will be one finale for the documentary.. and yes of course I’ll be there to witness it."󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

STUART JONES: "Wrexham 3-0 and Halifax win 2-0 but what ever happens it’s been a season to remember."

MAX GRIFFITHS: "I’ll be there. I think we’ll win 0-2 and I think Halifax will do us a favour on Stockport. Wrexham will win the league on goal difference."

WREXHAM THE DRAGONS: "Halifax will beat Stockport 2-0 and we will win at Daggers 2-0 and then I will cry my eyes out!"

LEONWXM83: "Luke Young to score a 20 yard screamer in 95th minute to put Wrexham 2 1 up while Halifax have beaten Stockport."

DAZZLECLEAN: "Stockport beat Torquay. Stockport lose to Halifax. Wrexham win 2-0 at D&R (Luke Young & Mullin). Wrexham (hopefully) win the league on goal difference. Stockport win the play off final against Solihull Moors. Sadly, I'll be cheering from home."

ALUN: "County will beat Torquay and lose to Halifax. We’ll go up by beating D&R. It’s happening."

RICHARD KELLY: "If we narrowly miss out on promotion, as we did in 76-77, we should take heart from how we reacted in 77-78."

SIMON RODEN: "Halifax dropping points was massive for us because they'll be desperate for 3rd spot and it's now a must win for them. They'll beat Stockport 1-0 and we'll win 3-0."

WICHIE: "Wrexham to win the league by 1 goal, what a documentary that would be!" 󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

DAVE GRIFFITHS: "Going to Dagenham in the car and I think we will win and expect Halifax to beat Stockport. That will make the drive home so much better."

SQIRL74: "Wrexham to win 6-0 and win the league on goal difference. Well hey. I can hope."

UP THE TOWN: "Stockport will get 1 point from the last two games because they are bottle jobs."

RYAN PRICE: "Wrexham 2-0 win, 2 late goals. Stockport lose 1-0, last minute goal too."

SOUTH WALES REDS: "A few of us getting the train down on Sunday. Wrexham will win. Stockport may or may not bottle it. It's been an unforgettable season whichever way it goes."

MARK WXM NZ: "It will go down to the final game, in the last 10 minutes Mullin and Palmer will score 2 goals. Stockport will concede and lose 1-0. Wrexham win 2-0 and win the league on goal difference. If Hollywood did football …..!"

TIM LEWIS: "I hope that Torquay with no pressure on them draw with Stockport. I hope Halifax will not want to drop from third and draw with them at least. I also hope that Luke Young scores his 1st of the season in the 95th minute against Dagenham and we go up as Champions! Imagine…"

ANNETTE GARDNER: "It’s been such an exciting season. It’ll go down to the wire. I’ll be at Dagenham and I can’t wait to celebrate going up as Champions and doing the Double at Wembley. Whatever happens it’s been a pleasure and I’m sure the team want it as much as fans do."