IT'S been a thoroughly enjoyable week at The Racecourse as the Reds scored a big, psychology-boosting win over Stockport County on Saturday to advance to the FA Trophy Final at Wembley, before dishing out a walloping to Barnet on Tuesday night.

Momentum is a huge thing in football and I think if we were to try to define our early season "woes", such as they were, a lack of consistency would be a good descriptor.

Well, I don't think anyone could say that this side is now lacking in consistency. Big wins against fellow promotion rivals have been married with ruthless displays against some of the league's lesser lights to produce a run of form up there with any seen at the Racecourse in many a year.

The game against Stockport was notable for any number of reasons. Firstly, the victory, against a team head and shoulders above the rest of our rivals in the league, is always to be savoured, especially because it was hard fought, yet well-earned.

No smash and grab, or fluke, but a measured and well-executed performance.

Then, we have the presence of co-chairman Ryan Reynolds taking in his first Wrexham victory in the flesh.

Often with football, we love to claim our own "I was there" moments and for Ryan, seeing Paul Mullin's wonder goal for the 91st minute lead will live long in the memory.

Paul's first strike has now been viewed just shy of four million times on twitter alone, which is just an astonishing number of times and a testament to the special nature of the goal.

The 8,703 in attendance made it the highest ever crowd for an FA Trophy semi-final, with a very creditable 1,211 joining us from Stockport.

We also had an incredible 2400-odd fans watching via stream. As I stated in a previous column, the real number of stream-viewers is probably considerably higher as we take into account the pub viewership.

Tuesday was special in its own way. Naturally another bumper and raucous crowd, who were treated to a second six goal haul in two league games.

Six different goalscorers, including season firsts for "Big" Ben Tozer and Liam "Mac Attack" McAlinden (I am trying to soft land this nickname in this column).

No hint of a hangover from Saturday, with the Reds rarely troubled by a Barnet team that have enjoyed some decent results of late. Paul Mullin continued his lethal form in front of goal of late, this time popping up with a classic poacher's finish from a very tight angle.

Ollie Palmer, too, is in imperious form, combining physical presence, speed of thought and action with an ebullient and infectious personality.

It's like Treebeard the Ent from the Lord of Rings decided to swap guarding the forest for leading the line for a National League team.

Saturday sees Eastleigh roll into town and I can't wait as it'll be my first game in person since Torquay in October.

On Sunday our Women's U-19 team travel to Aberystwyth for their play-off against Cardiff City, who won the Adran U-19s South division. Another chance for a day out by the sea and one I will be grasping myself with both hands!

It's been a lot of fun lately. Let's keep it going!