2022 has started, as seems traditional in the last few years, by kicking me squarely in the pants.

Exhibit A is our frustrating trip to Notts County on January 2 where, I wouldn't say nothing went right, but after one thing went very right, everything else went very wrong.

Reece Hall-Johnson's goal was the very definition of a rocket, Harry Lennon's Morecambe and Wise-style skip saw the ball strike his hand so close to the goal line the referee couldn't help but dive into his family-size value pack of cards and the next 80 minutes of toil and disappointment was set in motion.

Add to that some 50-50 decisions that didn't go our way, a missed penalty and a County third that remains the subject of some fierce debate and you have the perfect recipe for a January Blues inducer.

Thankfully, the impressive fight and character shown from Phil Parkinson and the boys took the edge off the dismay and our next two league fixtures present us with the perfect opportunity to get back on track and exact some revenge on two teams in Yeovil and Grimsby who have both taken three points off us this term.

By that time, a number of our rivals will have played their games in hand and we will have a better sense of exactly where we lie in the table.

We are at the exact halfway point in our season, based on games played. Time to see what the second half brings.

Exhibit B is that I have managed to score myself a dose of the Omicron that is whipping its way through the UK and the US.

As many folks know, the club has been hit pretty hard in recent weeks both off and on the field, though we are collectively pulling through the worst of it.

I have been very fortunate, as both my wife, Megan, and I have been vaccinated and boosted and so the experience has been relatively mild.

We as a club are not out of the woods yet and we wait to see what steps the Welsh Government are going to take in regards to fans in stadiums over the next few weeks.

Here's hoping we can have you all back in very soon.

Our January transfer operations are in full swing and getting to peer behind the curtain is an illuminating experience!

Last season I was privy to the signings of Tyler French and Dior Angus, albeit the takeover had not yet gone through, and was in Geraint' Parry's office when we received the notorious call that Adi Yussuf had hopped off the Eastleigh-bound bus with about four hours left on Deadline Day.

I look forward to seeing what twists and turns the next week brings. I have seen a number of rumours taking flight before withering and then reappearing like a phoenix from the flames over the last couple of weeks.

I am certainly not going to use this column to pour cold water on any of them. Half the fun of Transfer Windows is feverish speculation.

I would say though, that it may be best not to put too much store in bold pronouncements like "I'm hearing four signings announced at 5pm" because you'll only give yourself angina when 5pm rolls around and we obliviously tweet out an article like 'Top 25 Photos Of Rockin' Robin On His Bike'.

We are working on bringing in reinforcements. We want to get them right. We will let you know as soon as we have done.

Have a great week. COYR.