PAUL MULLIN is dreaming of one day playing for Wales.

Mullin has nailed his colours to the Welsh mast in more ways than one since his move to Wrexham in the summer.

Not only does the striker want promotion in his first season with the Reds but he’s also told Football Association of Wales chiefs that he’s eligible and available to play for the national Dragons.

“My dad’s mum was born in Wales,” said Mullin. “So that’s what made me want to play for Wales and it would be a dream to play for them.

“Towards the end of last season, they asked to register me as Welsh on the system and I was more than happy to do that.”

“Obviously I got goals for Cambridge last year and it’s started well as I’m already into double figures this season. All I’ve got to do is get my head down at Wrexham, score more goals and see what happens.”

Helping Mullin’s cause is the exposure the Reds are getting since Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought the club - and the fact that he doesn’t like watching England play.

“Jamie Carragher said the same kind of things that it was always Liverpool and not England that mattered to him,” added the Liverpool-born Mullin.

“I was talking to Ben Tozer and he loves watching England and got tickets for the Euro Final. But it’s just not for me.”