NOTHIN sets one up for a good week like a 5-0 away win, especially if it is earned in a replay of a game that had been proceeding very nicely until it was abandoned under frustrating circumstances.

Having tried a variety of Tuesday night away game results, this has definitely proved the most popular and is one the club is looking into replicating for all its future fixtures.

For fans of Wrexham there were a number of gratifying moments in Tuesday's fixture, but none more so, from my perspective, than our fourth goal.

A sumptuous flowing move that saw James Jones turn defence into attack with some quick feet before a beautiful ball into Jordan Ponticelli to score a very classy finish into the top corner of Aldershot's goal.

Jordan has impressed so many of us over the last few games with his endless hard work and I'm sure it was particularly satisfying for him to show that he is more than just a willing workhorse.

As ever, I can't pass up the opportunity to praise the 250-odd Wrexham fans who made the trip to Hampshire for a rescheduled Tuesday night game and who were rewarded with one of our more comprehensive performances of the season.

The support that we have received this season has been phenomenal both home and away and I noticed that Phil Parkinson was swift to point it out in his post-match interview.

On the subject of interviews and the club's media output in general, I know there were some sound issues with the commentary for Tuesday night's game and we are looking into the means to resolve this.

Essentially, we are slightly beholden to the facilities we find at away games and sometimes there are no ISDN lines for our media team to jack into.

When this happens they have to dial-in and effectively deliver their commentary over the phone.

While this may summon magical memories of listening to European games from far-flung places, it doesn't always provide for the best experience.

We are looking into securing backup equipment for the rare instances this is an issue.

Away from the pitch, the club is once again supporting the Toybox Appeal for North Wales Superkids and Kerry Evans, our DLO, is leading the charge on our behalf.

If you want to pitch in, please drop off a new, unwrapped gift to the club shop and we will help NWS to make sure they get to kids who don't get to enjoy a lot of Christmas cheer.

We did brilliantly as a club last year, so let's keep it going this year as well.