A RECENT poll has named Hollywood star Ryan Reynold's relationship with Wrexham AFC as one of Brtiain's favourite unexpected celebrity pairings.

The poll also revealed that Oscar and Grammy award-winner Lady Gaga and 'Eastenders' star June Brown top the list of Britain's favourite unexpected celebrity pairings, closely followed by the decade-plus long friendship between Gordon Brown and Shakira, and basketball buddies Meryl Streep and 50 Cent.

The research of 2,000 Brits by Rowse ChocoBee, a new chocolate spread with a surprisingly delicious combination of only two ingredients; pure and natural honey and certified sustainable cocoa, saw one of the most notable beekeepers in the UK, the Queen and Britain's favourite wildlife expert, David Attenborough in fourth place.

The study was commissioned by Rowse ChocoBee's new face-of-brand duo - Honey and Cocoa - to check out their competition in the nation's favourite surprising celebrity mates list. The pair might not have their eyes on the football scene like Ryan Reynolds and Delia Smith, but they've been brought to life to give these famous faces a run for their money.

Pairings of celebs with football clubs featured twice, with the recent purchase of Wrexham Football Club by Ryan Reynolds featuring in fifth.

However, Ryan's Hollywood pal and business partner Rob McElhenney was not included on the list.

Delia Smith's majority shareholding of Norwich City came in ninth place.

And long-term musical pair Eminem and Elton John hit the middle of the list with a friendship spanning two decades.

Top 10 surprising but favourite celeb friends:

1. Lady Gaga and June Brown (Dot Cotton)

2. Gordon Brown and Shakira

3. Meryl Streep and 50 Cent

4. David Attenborough and The Queen

5. Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham Football Club

6. Eminem and Elton John

7. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

8. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

9. Delia Smith and Norwich City

10. Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Rinder (Judge Rinder)

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