HUMPHREY KER stressed the importance of making Wrexham’s girls and women's teams feel part of the club.

When Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney completed their takeover at The Racecourse, the duo announced: “Funds will be immediately channelled into new initiatives at the Racecourse Community Foundation, including £50,000 to enhance the women’s football programme and increase participation at all levels.”

The FA of Wales announced a major domestic restructure of the women’s game in Wales for the 2021/22 season and Wrexham, managed by Luke Wynne, are one of the clubs vying for a place in the Tier 2 northern league.

But British comedian and writer Ker, who has been appointed executive director at The Racecourse, is keen to see girls and women’s football grow at all levels and says the actors’ funding is key to achieving that.

“We have given some money to the Racecourse Community Foundation to boost our girls and women’s football programme which has always traditionally been funded by everybody else other than us,” said Ker.

“We want to make them be part of the club.

“We want everybody who puts on a Wrexham shirt - man, woman to child - to be under the umbrella of the football club.

“We want them to do the best they can and victory on all the pitches our teams go out onto is important to us.”

While girls and women’s football is looking forward to a bright future at the club, the takeover has also given Wrexham’s men’s first-team a huge boost in the push for promotion.

Dean Keates’ side are spending a 13th season in non-league but Ker believes reaching League One is a realistic target, and clinching another promotion to the Championship is not out of the question.

Getting back into the Football League is the first objective of what promises to be an exciting journey but Ker has urged supporters to “dream big”.

“I would encourage them to dream of automatic promotion to League Two right now,” said Ker. “Save some dream power for each step of the journey!

“You should always dream big because if you dream small and you achieve your dreams, then you have only a limited scope for your triumph.

“At the same time, we also don’t want people to get to a situation where we are going great guns in a promotion chase in League Two in two years time and people are like: ‘why aren’t we in the Premier League yet?’

“These things take time and we are just at the start of this journey.

“Everyone is very excited, I am very excited and I certainly don’t want to pour cold water on anyone.”

Wrexham are unbeaten in six games after defeating Woking 2-0 on Tuesday with the Reds, who continue their promotion challenge at Aldershot tomorrow, up to sixth in the table.

The takeover has created a feel-good factor at The Racecourse but Ker says is will be an exciting journey for seasons to come.

“We are currently in the play-off positions and we have done pretty well mixing it with some of the big boys in the league this season,” said Ker.

“Some of our more strange results have come against teams that we would ordinarily expect to do well against.

“There is lots to be excited about for this season but equally, we aim to have lots for people to be excited about over the next however many seasons.”