SPENCER HARRIS revealed how a telephone call from Portsmouth FC started the ball rolling for the takeover of Wrexham Football Club.

Wrexham Supporters Trust members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of Hollywood megastars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney becoming new owners of the club.

And director Harris explained how the duo, who will immediately invest £2million in the club, first became interested in Wrexham.

"I got a phone call from the CEO at Portsmouth Football Club who asked me would I be willing to speak to somebody who was representing some people who were interested in investing in the club," said Harris.

The Leader:

"Of course I said yes as I have always said yes because this football club is owned by the supporters so it's them that has to make any decisions on the really big and significant things such as that.

"In the early days we were talking in principle and getting to know each other, without knowing who they were; we didn't know until we secured how interested they there.

"Then we got to NDA and then we got introduced to Rob and Ryan who are two very talented and down to earth guys doing extraordinary jobs.

"From then on in, it has been a mixture of talking to them and their representatives."

Owners-elect Reynolds and McElhenney will take 100 per cent control of Wrexham from the WST - subject to final agreement, league and FA confirmation - with a takeover date set to be in "the next few weeks".

"It is a fantastic thing for the town and it is a fantastic thing for the football club," said Harris.

"The most important thing was once an offer of this magnitude was put forward, it was put to supporters to make a choice and they made that choice overwhelmingly so I am absolutely delighted for them.

"There are more steps to come after this - there are a few technical and legal things that we need to do to conclude a transaction - but supporters have given us the backing to do it and we will get that done over the next few weeks."

Although Harris is excited about what the future holds for The Racecourse outfit under the famous actors, he insists the Trust still has a part to play.

"I am delighted for everybody," said Harris. "I have been here a long time and it will bring my significant involvement to an end.

"But I am not important in this. The most important thing is the football club and where it can go, and I am really excited about what the future holds for the football club.

"I am as excited as everybody else to see where we can go.

"The Trust continues. The Trust will still hold the headline lease on the stadium.

"The Trust has got a big part to play in the future of the club and will always be there to offer help, guidance and support to the new owners with whatever ventures that they have got planned."

Wrexham are spending a 13th season in non-league but investment from Reynolds and McElhenney will give the Reds an even better chance of realising the promotion dream.

Harris wants fans to "manage expectations" but says the "sky is the limit" if Wrexham can get back into the Football League.

"Let's manage expectations," said Harris. "Give the new owners time to settle in.

"This is not an easy division to get out of, it is a tough league so we need to give them time.

"If we can all unite with them and work them, I see no reason why we can't be successful.

"Getting out of this league is one thing but if you can do that then the sky's the limit."