MARK HUGHES says it’s Wrexham Football Club’s potential that would have first attracted Hollywood mega-stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to show an interest.

The two actors and their representatives are in talks with the current board of directors with talk of them ploughing more than £2m into the Racecourse club.

Former Wales boss and Manchester United star Mark Hughes knows his hometown club could have lift off if everything goes to plan with the would-be owners.

Talking about Wrexham to BBC Wales, Hughes, who hails from nearby Ruabon. said: “The position they are in financially by all account is very good and they are in good shape.

“Maybe that’s why they became attracted to two Hollywood superstars and the timings right that they were looking to maybe get into British football, looked at Wrexham and liked what they’ve seen.

“They’ve looked at the potential and clearly if they get the club going, fans will always back a successful Wrexham team and come back in their thousands.

“Let’s hope it progresses. Initially people thought it was something or nothing – thought it was somebody throwing something on social media and seeing how far it went.

“It looks like a genuine interest. Let’s watch this space and see what happens.”