Spencer Harris is leaving it to film stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to reveal all about their 'exciting' plans for Wrexham Football Club.

“I’m sure people will consider it a remarkable story,” said Harris, who held talks with the two stars via a Zoom call on Wednesday night before starting a media frenzy in revealing their identities.

The Hollywood A-listers want to buy the fan-owned club from the Wrexham Supporters Trust, who have been at the helm since 2011.

Asked how and why Reynolds and McElhenney's interest came about, the Trust director said: "I'm going to leave that to them when they're ready.

"But why not Wrexham? We are the third oldest professional team in the world, the oldest in Wales and play at the oldest international stadium anywhere in the world.

“I would ask for people to give us time to complete the story.

“Hopefully we can bring another amazing chapter to the history of what is the third oldest professional club in the world and the oldest professional club in Wales.

“I would like to think that Rob and Ryan think Wrexham is an attractive prospect with fantastic potential.

"There is room for fantastic growth for the club. You have north Wales, mid-Wales and The Marches, there's around a million people who will have an interest in Wrexham Football Club.

"If it goes ahead - and we are not putting a timescale on this - these are very exciting times for the club and the fans.

“It’s still at the stage where we have to finalise the deal and bring it back to the members at a second AGM.

“People with the professionalism of Rob and Ryan do not come around very often and news of their interest is quite exciting for the supporters I’m sure.

“They are very driven individuals and very successful people in their industry.

“But from our discussions I can say they are both down to earth and want what is best for the club.”

Wrexham fans voted in favour of pushing ahead with a proposed sale that will see the Hollywood duo pay a nominal fee for the purchase of the club as well as ploughing in a further £2m.

Talks have been ongoing for a couple of months although Harris wouldn't speculate on whether former Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore, who hails from Marford, may have some involvement.

He added: "We've known for a little while, but we wanted to come as early as we could in the process to involve supporters.

"There is some way to go and at the end of the day it will be the supporters who decide whether this goes forward or not."