LUKE SUMMERFIELD would love to extend his stay at Wrexham by at least another season.

But the experienced midfielder, out of contract this summer, knows that there are more pressing matters to address with the coronavirus crisis gripping the nation.

Summerfield, signed by Sam Ricketts ahead of the 2018/19 National League season, has had his plans for the future disrupted - and not just on the playing field.

“We’ve had to postpone our wedding,” said Summerfield. “We’ve been planning it for two and a bit years, but we’ve taken the decision to move it from next month to next year.

“It’s sad and disappointing that we’ve had to postpone it, but it’s a weight off our shoulders now a decision has been made.”

When Summerfield can expect a decision on his playing future is less clear. The 32-year-old is currently on furlough like the rest of the Wrexham players and staff.

The National League season has been ended immediately, but the powers that be are still to decide on whether to stage the end of season play-offs. Then there is speculation that football at this level might not return until 2021 with clubs not keen on playing behind closed doors.

With so many questions unanswered, Wrexham boss Dean Keates is not able to plan for the future at present. And Summerfield is remaining level-headed during a time of great uncertainty.

“It’s a strange situation and one that the players are not really in control of,” said Summerfield. “There are so many unanswered questions in football and in life at the moment.

“In the circumstances, football has rightly taken a backseat. It’s important that everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy.

“Like everyone I’m missing my family and football, but it’s important to try and stay positive because there is not much we can do about things right now.

“It’s easy to say ‘switch off from football’, but football is our life and the thing we love to do.”

And the former Plymouth and Shrewsbury man would be ready to commit his future to Keates’ Reds if the chance presents itself.

“I’ve loved every minute of my time at Wrexham,” said Summerfield. “Even the week leading up to signing there were so many things that excited me.

“I’ve met some great people, made great friends and I’ve given my all, I’ve worked my socks off. I’ve not got a bad word to say about my experience at Wrexham.

“I can’t praise the club enough and I would love to stay, but we shall see what the future holds.”

Summerfield was sidelined with a calf injury when the coronavirus claimed the campaign, the midfielder on course to return to action before the season was finished.

“I was quietly confident before the season was stopped that I would be fit for the run-in,” he said. “I now know in my head that I would have been fit if called upon.

“I’m now treating this time like the summer period, I’m keeping myself ticking over and ready for whatever happens in the future.

“I’ve played 70-odd games in two seasons despite injuries to both calves and if you’d said that before I started at a new club in a new league I’d have been satisfied.

“You always want to play more and keep improving, which is important even after so many seasons in football.”