DEAN KEATES believes the non-league set-up should receive more funding and the Wrexham boss says the fight for survival experienced by many clubs because of coronavirus is a “reality check” for football.

The campaign has been suspended indefinitely due to the pandemic and the National League has asked the Football Association for help in how to close down the season.

Being out of action is having a financial impact and Wrexham took the decision on Thursday to place all employees - including players, Keates and coaching staff - on furlough to “protect the future of the Football Club”.

With clubs at risk of going out of business due to lost revenue with no matches played, and waiting on a decision on what the National League will do next, Keates believes financial help should start filtering its way down from the very top.

“There has been no income coming into football clubs for the last how many weeks and for the foreseeable future until we get going again,” said Keates.

“The National League have got to make the right decision but I think we are looking to be led by the Premier League and the EFL by the looks of it.

“I can understand why they are doing it because of the vast amount of money at those levels.

“But the problem we have got is the contract situation. The vast majority of contracts finish after what is dated to be the last game so that opens up something totally different.

“This is about people’s health first and foremost but if we are talking about football, there is that much money as the top now that it is about time it started working its way down the football pyramid and start helping out further down, not just what is classed as the four main leagues.

“You talk about what Premier League teams are getting paid and teams in the Championship are chasing that golden ticket but every club wants to try and achieve and do their best each season, and take the club forward.

“Why shouldn’t even more be paid to non-league teams? Not just at our level, even further down to grassroots because there is not enough being done at that level.”

The Premier League has announced that clubs in the Football League and National League will receive advanced funding of £125m to help cope with the financial implications of coronavirus.

“When that happens and it works its way down, we will see how it goes,” was the response from Keates.

Cymru North outfit Rhyl, who Keates joined after leaving Wrexham in 2015, are struggling to make ends meet because of the outbreak and are on the brink of collapse.

Rhyl chairman Paul Higginson said the club - founded in 1879 - is in its “bleakest situation” for over 25 years, and a decision will be made on the future of the Lilywhites by 5pm on April 17.

With many other lower level teams battling for survival, Keates feels the current situation should act as a wake-up call and funds should be distributed more fairly in the future.

“It is hard for everybody involved in football,” added Keates.

“There will be implications for football clubs and it will be a shame to see that.

“Maybe it is the reality check that football needs.

“There is too much money at the top end of the game and it needs to be evened out.”