SPENCER HARRIS says Wrexham won’t be as hard hit by the coronavirus outbreak than other clubs following a successful period of trading.

The pandemic that has brought the world to a halt has decimated the sporting schedule around the world and the National League has been suspended until April 3 at the earliest.

Wrexham, battling to avoid relegation from the fifth tier, have nine games left this term, five of which are at The Racecourse, so postponing fixtures means the club is unable to generate any match-day income to cover costs.

Although halting the campaign will inevitably have an impact, financial statements published for the year ending June 30, 2019, were positive and prove that the club is in a position to cope.

“Last season was a very good season off the pitch,” said Harris, who saw Wrexham miss out on promotion after losing 1-0 to Eastleigh in the play-off eliminator.

“We came close on the pitch but not close enough, and once again did not make it to where we wanted to get to.

“But last season has helped put us in a position where we are able to ride out something like this; we are one of the clubs that is probably in a position to deal with this issue.

“But no business in the country would have planned for something of this scale.

“It is going to affect us and everybody else going forwards.”

Harris has reassured fans that there are no immediate concerns for Wrexham’s future but accepts all clubs and businesses will find it difficult the longer that society is affected by the pandemic.

“It is not just sport, the coronavirus has impacted the whole world,” said Harris.

“People are currently being asked to stay at home in countries across Europe. This is as big as it gets.

“The club is financially stable so we don’t have any immediate concerns but there are going to be a lot of businesses that will find it tough to keep paying costs whilst they can’t generate income.

“We, like any other business, would be no different to that if this went on for an extended period.”

The relegation fight has been put on hold and so have plans for next season due to uncertainty over when the current campaign will finish, and what division Wrexham, currently one point above the drop zone in 20th position, will feature in 2020-21.

“As any business, you plan for what income you are going to get and your income is what you plan against your expenditure,” added Harris.

“As a fans’ owned business, Wrexham Football Club has to keep going so we will not put the football club in jeopardy. We will spend what we are able to next season.

“But Covid-19 is going to have a big impact on all businesses, not just Wrexham Football Club or football.”