DEAN KEATES has praised his three-man strikeforce for "playing without fear".

Dan Jarvis, Jordan Ponticelli and Davis Keillor-Dunn, who have all joined Wrexham since the turn of the year, linked up well in the front three as the Reds beat Bromley 2-0 last weekend.

"The position we are in, the players that have been here from the beginning, you can get drawn into a different kind of mentality," said Keates.

"These three lads have come in fresh and play without fear which you want players doing.

"I thought all three of them were outstanding but I thought every single one of the players were outstanding."

Keillor-Dunn and Ponticelli scored the goals but it was the work-rate of his attacking trio that impressed Keates.

"We get all the data fed back to us but you can tell when somebody is putting a shift in for the team," said Keates.

"I didn't need to see the GPS of the front three.

"Every single one of the players gave everything on Saturday and the front three set for tone."

A couple of first half chances went begging for Ponticelli who finally got on the scoresheet with a powerful drive to make it two goals in as many games.

"Two of the three scored and on another day, JP could have got a few more," added Keates.

"After the game, he said he was frustrated - that is why he put so much venom into his shot!

"He keeps going and the work-rate for the team is second to none."