WARM-hearted charity workers lent a hand to Wrexham's homeless over the winter.

A team of 20 volunteers from the organisation Wrexham Homeless left jumpers, scarves and gloves at various locations across the town on Sunday.

The items had were tied to shop door handles and other places with anonymous notes inviting those in need to take them.

Wrexham Homeless was invited to take part to join the Bristol Keeping Warm initiative and founder Dee Davis said she decided to get involved to raise awareness of the plight of Wrexham's homeless people.

She said: "With the weather being so bad at the moment and the temperature so low, we can wrap up warm nice coats, hats and so on.

"These people are sleeping in door ways in freezing temperatures."

Wrexham Council has confirmed it has put measures in place to support people sleeping rough in the town during the freeze.

A spokesman said: "We can confirm that our Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) was put into operation on February 26 and will be continue to be active throughout the spell of bad weather.

"We are working closely with our partner organisations and emergency services to offer as much support as possible to rough sleepers during this time.

"We would urge anyone who is seeking support to contact our Homelessness Service on 01978 292947 (9.30-4.30) or 01978 264240 (out of hours number).

"A review of our SWEP is currently ongoing. We will be updating our protocol and implementing a new homelessness support strategy this year.

"One change we have already implemented is that we now trigger the SWEP on the first night of freezing/below freezing temperatures.”

Dee, 54, of Acrefair, formed the group on November 2013 and it receives donations of toiletries, sleeping bags, clothes of food from people across the county borough.

She added: "The response from the people of Wrexham has been amazing - real community spirit."

Dee appealed for any businesses in the area that are interested in helping the charity to contact her.

For more information on Wrexham Homeless visit the group's Facebook page.