Last week, Rishi Sunak MP, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, set out a generous package of support for energy bill relief, comprehensively answering the people of Wales’ calls.

I have tirelessly lobbied the Chancellor on this on behalf of my constituents who are deeply concerned about the cost of living as a result of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Once again, it is clear that the UK Conservative Government is dedicated to supporting hard-working individuals and families in Wales through a total of £37 billion worth of support across the UK so far this year.

The range of measures with £9 billion worth of targeted support to the most vulnerable households with rising energy bills include:

• A one-off payment paid directly to your bank account of £650 to 8 million of the lowest-income households.

• £300 extra one-off payment to pensioners.

• An extra £150 for those who receive disability benefits.

• Doubling the October £200 rebate to £400 – not a penny to repay.

Alongside these measures, the Welsh Government will receive £25 million for the Household Fund in Barnett Consequentials.

Whilst the Welsh Government is distracted by pushing for plans to increase the number of politicians in the Senedd and failing to comprehensively roll out the previous tax rebate made available by UK Government funding, I will ensure that this extra £25 million is spent effectively and swiftly on those that need it most.

Another item high on my agenda for Wrexham is the Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF). The SPF is part of the UK Government’s plan to level up the whole of the UK by focusing on the areas that need it most, spreading opportunity, creating jobs and transforming communities.

This funding is a result of leaving the European Union and unlike previously, will be transferred directly to Wrexham Council to determine how to spend, rather than Cardiff.

This money is ready to use now, with no bureaucracy or competitive bidding process. Today, I took to the streets of Wrexham to ask local businesses where and what they would like to see this money spent on.

Having had numerous insightful conversations with business owners, I look forward to working with Wrexham Council and organisations to ensure this money is spent on what matters to constituents most.

Lastly, it was my pleasure to welcome female veterans to Parliament and host the launch of Salute Her, part of Forward Assist, which will become the first female-only veteran charity in the UK.

In fact, the founder of Salute Her, Paula, gave invaluable evidence during the Defence Committee inquiry and many Forward Assist recommendations were incorporated in the ‘Atherton Report’.

As a patron of both Forward Assist and Salute Her, I am incredibly proud of the work that Salute Her is doing to make sure that women veterans receive the best care available to ensure a smooth transition to civilian life.

As always, if you are resident in Wrexham and need my assistance with any local or national issue, please contact me by emailing