Morrisons will be installing thousands of AI-powered cameras across UK stores in a bid to boost staff efficiency.

The supermarket, which carried out a trial and found the cameras boosted staff efficiency and product availability, is the first UK retailer to integrate the technology.

The cameras are able to provide real-time data on shelves across the store, automatically directing staff to shelves where stock is running low.

Morrisons Chief Executive Rami Baitiéh told The Grocer: “In January I outlined our plan to reinvigorate, refresh and strengthen Morrisons as we started our next chapter.”

“Those plans are now in full swing with the whole business engaged in the three key pillars of work that will be the foundation of the future for Morrisons: commercial excellence, operations optimisation and new value creation.”

The trial of the AI cameras saw a significant rise in stock availability scores, which in turn could lead to staff being freed up to prioritise customer service, The Grocer reports.

Tesco introduces new 10p charge at checkouts

Morrisons is not the only supermarket to be making a change, with Tesco introducing a 10p charge at checkouts as part of a new trial.

The supermarket giant is testing a new pilot scheme that sees customers given the option to buy a clothes hanger for 10p anytime they purchase F&F clothing.

Customers will be given the choice to either purchase the hanger, or it will be reused by the store.

A small number of stores are taking part in the trial, though Tesco did not confirm which stores or how many.

One customer took to Reddit to label it as a “sneaky charge being imposed on customers”.

They said: “So, was in Tesco today, got some swimming clothes for the kids and my wife got a dress.

“Went through the scan as you shop and paid, went to get the tags taken off and was told it's 10p for a clothes hanger or they could take it for us.

“Now I work at this store, and I've never heard of this. I've also never seen anything around the store or around the clothes section.

“So either someone is trying to earn some extra Dosh or it's a sneaky charge being imposed on customers. Has anyone else had this?"

However, others backed the trial, arguing it was “surely a good thing” as it would reduce plastic waste and the only people taking the hanger would be people who needed it.