Most households will have already begun tucking into numerous chocolate tubs ahead of Christmas Day.

We all try to stockpile them away for as long as possible but once we know they are there, they become irresistible.

From Heroes to Celebrations, they all have someone’s favourite chocolate whether that’s the popular Dairy Milk or Snickers.

Lately, you may have noticed some tubs have been missing certain classics, for example, Cadbury confirmed some customers might have no Tangy Orange Cremes in their Roses selection due to "supply chain challenges."


Which Christmas Chocolate tub is the best? I compared Quality Street, Roses, Lindt and more (I can’t believe this chocolate was missing, it might have ruined my Christmas) 😭🍫🎄

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It turns out Cadbury is not alone as Quality Street lovers have realised the Coconut Éclair has been dished out in low quantities recently (or not at all).

One user on X, formerly known as Twitter posted: "Hey Quality Streets and Nestle, I think your Quality Street quality control needs some recalibration. Three purple ones, seven fudges, zero Coconut Éclair? Explain yourselves."

Why are Coconut Éclairs missing from Quality Street this year?

Nestlé replied: "Aw sorry to hear that your mix didn't contain the Coconut Éclair. Don't worry though, you didn't get any less. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control, we replace one sweet with equally delicious sweets."

The user then responded on X: “So what you're saying is that you have a shortage of Coconut Éclair, so you have topped up with the other varieties?"

The company then announced that there was a “shortage” of Coconut Éclairs a “little while ago.”

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They added: "There was a shortage a little while ago which has now been rectified. We're very sorry about that. Please DM us with the best before date and codes around it from the packaging and we can help further."

If you are wondering where you can get your fix of Coconut Éclairs due to a shortage in your Quality Street tub, you are in luck.

Another fan tweeted: “@QualityStreetUK urm... Where are the blue ones? #qualitystreet,” along with a picture of the tub with no Coconut Éclairs in sight.

Nestlé commented: “Sorry! We had to replace them with another sweet in some of our tins, but don't worry, you didn't get any less! If Coconut Éclair is your favourite, did you know you can get a full tin of those in participating John Lewis stores at the pick&mix stations?”