The UK could be set for an 'polar' cold snap in November, with temperatures dropping as low as -6C.

Weather maps from WXCharts show a bitter cold spell could be heading to the country.

The maps suggest volatile weather could bring heavy downpours and strong winds, with a ‘polar’ front moving in at the end of October and the first few days of November.

As well as lows of -6C, the front could even bring snow to some areas of the UK.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services said the weather would be moving in to the country in early November.

The Leader: A polar cold snap could be heading to the UK in November, bringing temperatures as low as -6CA polar cold snap could be heading to the UK in November, bringing temperatures as low as -6C (Image: WXCharts)

He told The Express: “There are early indications of colder/polar weather moving in early November, at least temporarily. If it confirms, then snow in the Highlands, Grampians, southern Uplands, Snowdonia and the Pennine tops is perfectly possible.

"At the same time, high winds and then freezing temperatures may well then ensue as the polar air digs in, the icy conditions being mainly for northern parts of the UK - perhaps a -6C or so for the glens."

What does the Met Office say?

The Met Office long-range weather forecast for the period says there will likely be “unsettled conditions” with cold winds and the chance of some wintry showers over the Scottish mountains.

The forecaster’s long-range forecast for October 30 to November 8 says: “Further rain or showers, heavy in places, are likely across some southern areas of Britain to start this period, whilst further north it should be drier and brighter, albeit with a cold wind and a scattering of showers, some turning wintry over the Scottish mountains.

“Some overnight frost is also likely. How far south this colder weather extends early next week is uncertain, but is likely to be relatively short-lived as Atlantic systems make inroads from the west or southwest early in November.

“This will maintain the broadly unsettled and at times windy weather, with further periods of persistent rain possible. Milder conditions will also probably return back north to most if not all parts of the UK.”