It’s that time of year again when students across England get ready to receive their GCSE and A Level results after spending long hours in exam halls. 

These results can be an important stepping stone in deciding what you do with your life and not receiving the grades you expected can be a setback.

However, there is a way to have your work looked over again to ensure the mark you were given is correct and fair. 

With students able to appeal their GCSE, AS Levels and A Levels in England, here is everything you need to know. 

When is England's GCSE and A Levels results day 2023?

Results Day for English students taking their A Levels and GCSEs in 2023 will be on Thursday, August 17.

How much does it cost to appeal A Level and GCSE marks? 

The AQA, England's largest provider of GCSEs and A Levels, confirmed previously that those whose appeals are not upheld in either stage would be charged a fee.

According to the AQA, students who fail their appeal in the preliminary stage would need to pay £120.05 while those who failed in the appeal hearing stage would need to fork out £205.80.

Private candidates (those not appealing through a school or college) will need to pay in advance.

Most students will simply be sent an invoice after the appeal.

How long does it take to appeal your A Level or GCSE mark? 

According to the Complete University Guide, appeals should typically take no longer than four weeks with the exam board aiming to review each case as soon as possible. 

How successful are A Level and GCSE appeals? 

Of the 16,000 appeals received in the summer of 2021, 5,760 were upheld with the most common grounds for appeal being unreasonable exercise of academic judgement. 

Most of these appeals resulted in a grade change, according to the UK Government website

How do I appeal my GCSE or A Level results? 

According to the UK Government website, students can apply for a GCSE, AS Level and A Level appeal by contacting their school or college to request a review of the marking. 

Private candidates can contact the exam board directly or contact the school or college that submitted their exam entry to make an appeal. 

After an appeal is made, the exam board will check the work for marking mistakes with this possibly leading to a change in grade. 

However, the grade and mark can go up or down compared to the original.