Cadbury has announced that its Dairy Milk Egg 'n' Spoons will be discontinued just a few weeks before Easter rolls around.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the Egg ‘n’ Spoons treats were first introduced in 2013 and consisted of four chocolate eggs filled with either white chocolate or milk chocolate mousse.

They came with two small plastic spoons to scoop out the soft filling.

In a statement today, Cadbury said: "We’re always listening to our Cadbury fans to ensure our Easter range includes their favourites and reflects their changing taste buds.

"We’ve made a few changes to reflect this and think our 2023 line-up is eggcellent, even if we do say so ourselves!"

How did people react to Dairy Milk Egg 'n' Spoons being discontinued?

For some people, the news that the Easter treat was being discontinued was too much to bear.

One person posted on Twitter: "Why would they just discontinue the egg n spoons like that. heartbroken."

Another shared: "Dairy Milk have axed Egg n Spoon just before Easter.. I’m absolutely livid."

One person was in absolute disbelief, writing: "NO DID THEY DISCONTINUE DAIRY MILK EGG N SPOON??????"

Another tagged the official Cadbury Twitter account posting: "devestated doesn’t even cover it @CadburyUK how could you discontinue the egg and spoons".

Meanwhile, yet another person seemed to be distraught at the news sharing: "Truly heartbroken that @CadburyUK discontinued their egg and spoon chocolate."