Ready or not, the countdown to Christmas has well and truly started.

And whether you are already preparing or you're more of a slap dash Christmas eve kind of person, we have got you covered. 

The expert elves at Bargain Max have put together a list of this season's must have toys. 

From Paw Patrol's transforming tower to a Nerf Blaster Scooter, these gifts are set to delight your kids this Christmas.

The Leader: Bargain Max has revealed its top picks for Christmas. Credit: Bargain MaxBargain Max has revealed its top picks for Christmas. Credit: Bargain Max

Emma Carden, Buyer at BargainMax, said: “All of these products are set to deliver big smiles on Christmas day, with suppliers and manufacturers investing heavily in the products in the countdown to the big day.

“We look carefully at our audiences demand and searches to ensure we can provide the most sought-after toys and games this Christmas.

"With a mission to always provide value, we offer amazing, limited time deals and discounts on site meaning we can cater to all budgets.”

Bargain Max's top toys for 2021


L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. 4 in 1 Glamper

The Leader: Lol Surprise 4 in 1 Glamper. Credit: Bargain MaxLol Surprise 4 in 1 Glamper. Credit: Bargain Max

This 4 in 1 Glamper will feel like four presents in one as they spend Christmas day unwrapping the 55 surprises it has in store.

In a range of colours and 10 configuartions, the Glamper includes a car, house, runway and light up pool with a 2-story water slide.

It costs £99.99.

Hey Duggee Plush Chair 

The Leader: Hey Dugee Plush Chair. Credit: Bargain MaxHey Dugee Plush Chair. Credit: Bargain Max

One of Bargain Max's top seller the Hey Duggee Plush Chair will make the perfect bedroom accessory for your kid.

You can cuddle up for a story or watch their favourite Hey Duggee episodes before bed.

Add it to your Christmas list for £49.99.

Nerf Blaster Inline Scooter with Blaster & Darts.

The Leader: Nerf blaster scooter. Credit: Bargain MaxNerf blaster scooter. Credit: Bargain Max

Kids with a need for speed will love this Nerf Blaster Inline Scooter.

It's ideal for slightly older riders that can ride a 3 wheeler.

Fair warning it comes with a handlebar with a mounted Nerf blaster and 5 pellets in a cool stem holster so, remember to duck.

It is available for just £33.99. 

Hauck Malibu 2in1 Unicorn Doll Travel System

The Leader: Hauck Malibu Doll stroller. Credit: Bargain MaxHauck Malibu Doll stroller. Credit: Bargain Max

This 2-in-1 doll stroller is as unique as a unicorn with a large shopping basket, retractable canopy, swivel front wheels, and removable car seat.

The ergonomic handle is adjustable, making it the perfect doll transportation system. 

Wheel this away for just £49.99.

Hot Wheels Massive Loop Mayhem

The Leader: Hot Wheels Mayhem. Credit: Bargain MaxHot Wheels Mayhem. Credit: Bargain Max

For kids that love to live fast, the brand new line of Hot Wheels is now available at Bargain Max. 

The thrilling 70cm wide loop can be used with multiple cars and hours of fun.

Pick it up for £54.99 on their site.


Barbie Dream House

The Leader: Barbie's Dream House. Credit: Bargain MaxBarbie's Dream House. Credit: Bargain Max

Barbie's Dream House will be this year's Christmas Showstopper.

Your kids can while away the hours over three separate floors and 10 distinct indoor and outdoor living areas. 

They can double the fun by transforming furniture, turning the BBQ grill into an incredible dessert buffet or reverse the enteratinment centre to reveal a pet play area.

Make dreams come true this Christmas for £309.99.