AN 86-YEAR-old from Rhuddlan has proved that age is no barrier after getting her first tattoo.

Val Edwards, who attends Rhuddlan's Sit and Be Fit chair-exercise sessions, has had a Forget-me-not cluster inked on the top of her right arm. The flower has long been associated with remembrance and dementia.

She has had the tattoo to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society but also hopes to carry out other activities.

Val, who is married to Thomas, and who has been thinking about having a tattoo for a while, said: "My mother, Elsie Estowell-Smith, she died about 15 years ago now. She had Alzheimer's and cancer.

"Thankfully it was the cancer that got her. I don't mean that for how it sounds but Alzheimer's is just an awful illness.

I thought 'I am 86 and it [the tattoo] might be of interest being the age I am'.

The Leader: Val attends the Sit and Be Fit chair exercise session in RhuddlanVal attends the Sit and Be Fit chair exercise session in Rhuddlan

"It is beautiful. It was a young woman in Rhyl who did it for me. I have been going around showing people.

"I want to keep fundraising and hope to put up a table

"I don’t think Alzheimer's gets enough attention - not as much as cancer does."

Val had her tattoo done at Ink Addiction on Water Street.

"It didn't hurt one little bit," she added.

"My husband doesn’t like tattoos.

"When I told him, he said ‘you are going to have a what’ he said you are going mad in your old age'," Val Joked.

"But he was ok. The tattoo is quite high up.

"I don't wear anything that really shows off my arms.

"I am pleased with it and it is quite delicate.

"I hope when I show people it can get people talking and for people to have more conversations about Alzheimer's.

"I would like to come up with some further ideas for the fundraising element too."

Val attends the Sit and Be Fit chair exercise sessions, organised by Rhuddlan Dementia Group, ever Monday.

Mike Kermode, group secretary, said: "The sessions are really fun. There is a great tutor, lots of the right music and really good exercises that help people to tone up without the stress of having to move around the hall.

"The Alzheimer’s Society says that physical and mental exercise have the potential to prevent or slow down the effects of dementia – 'what’s good for the heart is good for the brain'.

"Val has been thinking about having a tattoo for a while and decided 'this is the year to do it'."

To donate to Val's fundraiser, visit

She is currently on £140.