A YOUNG superhero has been given new super powers thanks to a record breaking year of fundraising.

Youngster Joshua, known as JoJo has cerebral palsy, is registered blind, non-verbal and has global development delay with varied health care requirements.

Earlier this year, the Deeside Round Table received an appeal from mum Susan Cotgreave to help this young boy who needed a new standing frame.

After surgery to replace rods along his spine, the Joshua’s pelvis started tilting and causing more curvature.

Further surgery poses a risk of paralysis and although not in pain yet, it affects his seating position.

A new frame was needed so the Deeside youngster could stand up straight, adding immediate benefits to his health, posture and needs.

A spokesman for the Deeside Round Table said: “Josh is a happy lad with an infectious giggle and a smile to brighten up a room. He loves his music and tv programmes.

“After an amazing record breaking year of fundraising, Deeside Round Table were able to fund the £4,600 for a new standing frame.

“This will assist the courageous and spirited Joshua every single day, this truly amazing and unwavering superhero now has extra super powers.

“Earlier this week we were delighted to hear news of how much difference this has made to Joshua's life, he has touched our hearts and it's stories like this that give us extra value to the importance of our fundraising. As a community, we can all be proud here.”

Deeside Round Table confirmed this was the single biggest donation they have made to date and has already made ‘such a difference’ to Joshua’s quality of life.

Mum Susan said: “Due to amazing amounts of kindness and generosity my son has had funding from the DRT to get him a standing frame as his old one was no longer suitable for him.

“It is an enormously important piece of equipment for Joshua, who has never been able to stand unaided. Weight bearing in that position helps strengthen bones and muscle through the most of his body, and aids digestion which alleviates his bad reflux.

“Having had surgery to correct painful scoliosis four years ago, with spinal rods all down his back, the standing frame helps to maintain the corrective work they do.

“I was utterly bowled over when given the news that he could get this new stander. A vital item which will help him for many years to come.

“I can't say thank you enough to each and every person who has donated precious pennies towards this.

“I feel so lucky and so touched, and so happy that Joshua can finally stand up comfortably again.”

The Deeside Round Table has been helping to raise funds for the community from care pack appeals to community projects as they say ‘community work is our priority’.

A spokesman added: “There's so many different aspects to this dedicated pursuit and they're all immensely meaningful and beneficial for us and the community.

“Every so often we have genuinely affecting stories that have made a colossal difference to people’s lives, the stories that add that extra meaning and reason to what we do, and to you, the Deeside community, who generously support our fundraising campaigns.”